Furry Primates Await at Monkey Island, Panama

Bocas Bali Luxury Water Villas provide unforgettable romantic getaways on the unbelievably blue Caribbean Sea. Couples can relax to the soft sounds of waves in luxurious overwater Caribbean villas, dine on exquisite feasts, and embark on all manner of tantalizing escapades. Everyone who stays at the Bocas Bali’s Bocas Del Toro resort leaves with at least one sensational story to tell, and there’s no better place to garner tales than at Monkey Island, Panama.

Plan A Panama Island Excursion 

Hundreds of visitors flock to Monkey Island in Panama every year, ranking the experience as an all-time favorite. Francine Roy founded the island in 2013 after adopting a capuchin monkey while living in Bocas Del Toro, Panama. Over time, Roy took in more monkeys who had been abandoned by previous owners or orphaned by hunting or habitat loss, leading to the Monkey Island Foundation’s initiation. A mission spurned by love and a willingness to offer extended care to abandoned primates separated from family at a young age, the foundation creates a nurturing environment open to the public for an unforgettable experience. 

Tours of Monkey Island, Panama

Interested guests can access Monkey Island right from the Bocas Del Toro luxury hotel via an hour-long boat ride. Roy offers daily tours at Monkey Island, making a point to teach the biodiversity of Panama’s wildlife and the unique qualities each species possesses. During the tour, couples will have the opportunity to meet some friendly, inquisitive primates. Many spend at least a few hours meandering the Panama Island, feeding monkeys, or engaging in myriad other activities like snorkeling, swimming, or relaxing with a refreshing beverage. The helpful staff at Bocas Bali’s best villa resort in the Caribbean can make reservations ahead of time and arrange transportation for couples intrigued by the Monkey Island, Panama, experience. 

Recreation, Relaxation, and Rejuvenation Await at Bocas Bali

The Bocas Del Toro luxury hotel has so much to offer: sensual water villas, spectacular all-inclusive packages, and a plethora of unforgettable adventures provided on-site. Thrill-seeking couples will fall in love with the assortment of area activities, from boat rides alongside dolphins to Monkey Island, Panama. Those intrigued by the tropical paradise that awaits in Bocas Del Toro can voice their interest and inquiries by calling 1-800-637-9095.


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