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Panama’s Premier Eco Resort


Surrounded by nature, Bocas Bali seeks to create a magical guest experience in a casual private-island setting with spectacular architecture. Creating Bocas Bali was a labor of love. Truly a family-owned resort, we built our property without the support of any large corporations.

We fell in love with lively Bocas Town after a year-long search throughout Central America to find the perfect location for an eco-resort. A 10- to 15-minute boat ride from Bocas Town, Bocas Bali’s Frangipani Island is centrally located within the Bocas Del Toro archipelago of eight major islands.

Bocas Bali is on the Caribbean Sea near the edge of Isla Bastimentos National Marine Park, the first of its kind in the country of Panama. On the far side of our island, Dolphin Bay serves as a serene nursing ground for young dolphins. A small island directly across from us hosts land teeming with Frigates, Boobies, and Pelicans.

Crafted in Bali, Indonesia, our custom overwater villas and 100-year-old Elephant House restaurant were shipped halfway around the world. We selected this resort style because of our adoration for Balinese architecture, interior design, and beautiful wood and stone carvings.

Our Vacation Package Concept

From the beginning, we’ve aimed to help our guests experience Bocas Town and the best of Panamanot just Bocas Bali. This is why we offer packages that immerse visitors in the culturally and historically significant areas around us. We believe the combination of lively Bocas Town and serene Bocas Bali makes for the perfect vacation. If time permits, adding a night or two in Casco Viejo (Panama City) will give you an even better feel for the country.

Moderate hotels in Bocas Town and Casco Viejo include lodging with breakfast. Exploring these regions’ wonderful restaurants for lunch and dinner can make the experience even more special. 

Packages also allow us to tailor travel specifically for you. We do not book flights, but we will provide you with suggestions to make your journey smooth and simple.


We built Bocas Bali’s entire infrastructure with local Panamanian labor. In fact, we employed more than 60 Panamanian workers throughout 2019.

Bocas Bali is 100% off the grid. We use solar energy, purified rainwater, and an eco-friendly wastewater treatment system engineered specifically for a mangrove island.

So far, Bocas Bali has conducted two environmental studies to ensure we are being kind to the mangrove and caring for its crystal-clear waters. We also constructed and placed our overwater buildings in specific areas to avoid interfering with the coral surrounding our private island.

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