10 Romantic Things to Do in Bocas del Toro

When planning a romantic getaway, there’s no better place to stay than at Bocas Bali Luxury Water Villas. Best known for designing the world’s sexiest hotel, architect Andres Brenes is the mastermind behind this luxurious Bocas del Toro resort. Couples from all over the globe flock to this seductive Caribbean vacation destination to indulge in intimate outings, embark on thrilling adventures, and bask in the resort’s enticing ambiance. Regardless of what piques their interests, visitors never run out of romantic things to do in Bocas del Toro.

Couple’s Getaway: 10 Enticing Things to Do in Bocas del Toro

Surrounded by pristine turquoise waters, white-sand beaches, and lush, tropical greenery, the Bocas del Toro Islands are nature’s paradise and the perfect destination for a luxurious couple’s getaway. Those who thrive on local adventures should dive into Panama’s tantalizing nightlife and paint the town red. Others may prefer to immerse themselves in the natural beauty near Bocas Bali’s Caribbean resort and villas. Regardless, there’s no shortage of romantic things to do in Bocas del Toro. 

  1. Confection lovers should definitely sign up for a chocolate farm eco-tour or an Indigenous chocolate farm tour.
  2. For some spectacular dolphin viewing, couples can head to Dolphin Bay behind the island.
  3. Bocas Bali Resort has kayaks available on-site for those who wish to embark on an independent expedition and paddle around the lush mangroves.
  4. It’s no secret that the Bocas del Toro Archipelago maintains a diverse ecosystem, perfect for unique wildlife watching opportunities—like the chance to explore Monkey Island.
  5. Couples can embark on a paddleboarding aquatic adventure right from their luxurious Bocas del Toro resort, where they’re bound to see magnificent marine life and bask in the stunning, Caribbean scenery.
  6. Those craving an invigorating beach day can indulge in everything Red Frog Beach has to offer. 
  7. The Seaplane to Paradise presents the perfect couple’s outing for those who love thrilling escapades and breathtaking views.
  8. There are plenty of alluring scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities for couples who prefer a guided aquatic adventure or a more intimate Caribbean outing. 
  9. Of course, no romantic retreat is complete without at least one couple’s spa treatment.
  10. Those seeking a change of scenery should consider an intimate beach excursion to the uninhabited Zapatilla Islands.

Bocas Bali Resort: The Epitome of a Romantic Getaway

Between dreamy accommodations with 1,100 square feet of spectacular alfresco living, lavish dining options, and an endless list of romantic activities, the Bocas Bali Resort is the epitome of an alluring couple’s getaway. Significant others can luxuriate in their high-end, pristine water villa while enjoying all-inclusive amenities like a private saltwater pool, unlimited dining at on-site restaurants, and a plethora of stimulating island activities. Those looking for more romantic things to do in Bocas del Toro can make inquiries at the Bocas Bali Resort by calling 1-800-637-9095.

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